9-22-11 - Message from the President Regarding Wednesday's Emergency

Yesterday a terrible event occurred on our campus – one that could have been the gravest of tragedies. Someone came on our campus and opened fire on a group of VC students and employees. No one was hit by this gunfire, and the gunman was quickly apprehended. Our measures designed to warn those on campus of the danger were put to the test, and appear to have worked. Our police and security officers, as well as the Victoria Police and the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, performed their duties admirably. Many college staff put in extra effort to keep clear communications flowing and to keep everyone safe and calm.

In spite of many things having worked well (as they should have) we must admit that we were also incredibly lucky.

The nature of a college campus is that it is open. This openness, which we all cherish, also makes us vulnerable. After all, the person who opened fire was not a student or even someone with business on campus. It is in this context of openness that we develop safety and security practices to guard against those rare events that we all know can happen – that indeed did happen – but that we hope will never happen.

Your safety is our highest priority. Now is the time to consider what we can do better to insure that safety. In the coming days key administrators at the college will be analyzing where we are vulnerable and where we can improve, and making recommendations for change. I invite you to contribute to this discussion.

If you have ideas that you believe we should consider, or even just concerns, please share those with me. You can email me at tom.butler@victoriacollege.edu or call me at 485-6808 or stop by my office in Building A. We owe it to ourselves to work together to make our campus even safer in the future. 

Let’s also remember that for many on campus yesterday’s event was terrifying. Counseling services are available to you if you are in need. Ann Brogger, Director of Advising and Counseling, and Dr. Florinda Correa, Vice President of Student Services, are available to assist you.

Thank you,


Dr. Tom Butler
Victoria College

Updated 9-22-11 at 9:15 a.m.

Published: Thursday, 22 September 2011

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