Academic Coaching

Academic coaching sessions will be held virtually through WebEX or by phone at the student’s regularly scheduled time. Academic coaches will be reaching out to their students though Victoria College e-mail with a link to their virtual session or by phone. 

Students who do not have a coach but would like to begin meeting with an academic coach can schedule an appointment in the Pirate Portal. If you have any questions contact Katherine Rodriguez at or call 361-582-2401.

Log into Navigate –Student from the Pirate Portal

    • On Navigate-Student Home Page: select Appointments
    • My Appointments: Schedule an Appointment
    • What type of appointment: select Academic Coaching
    • Service: Choose Walk-In
    • Continue to Next Step
    • Pick a Location: Academic Coaching: Virtual WebEx 
    • Pick a Staff Member: Choose an academic coach
    • Continue to Next Step
    • Select a Date: Choose the date you would like to meet (under the date there must be a number in a set of ( )

If no numbers are in ( ) under the date chosen, click ‘go back’ and choose another academic coach for that day.

    • Click Confirm Appointment
    • Choose A Time To Meet: Click a time that is available
    • Continue to Next Step
  • Students will receive a confirmation e-mail through their VC student e-mail account from the chosen academic coach with a link to the WebEx meeting.
  • On the day and time of the tutoring session, click on the “Join Meeting” button in the confirmation e-mail to connect to the appointment. You may be asked to download a browser version of the WebEx application if you are using a laptop or smartphone.
  • You can enter the appointment room up to 5 minutes before your appointment.


Exceed Your Own Expectations.

Victoria College Total Learning Center offer academic coaches to assist students with learning strategies. To do this, coaches provide students with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement, support, and accountability. Unlike a therapist’s exploration of origins of emotional or psychological trauma that can be long-term and intensive, a coach explores behaviors, values, motivators, and some emotions. Coaching is primarily focused on the present and future, with a concentration on time-limited, action-oriented results.

Academic Coaching is available to all Victoria College students. Request a coach by using our online request form.

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