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What is Academic Foundations?

The Academic Foundations Division is comprised of five full-time faculty members who specialize in Integrated Reading and Writing, Mathematics, and Student Success.  They are committed to the success of every student enrolled at Victoria College, so they offer a variety of courses and instructional methods to meet the academic needs of every student.  

If you would like to know more about Academic Foundations, we are located in Johnson Hall, Room 100.  Our Administrative Assistant, Jessica Briones, will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to a faculty member who would be able to assist you.

Learning Frameworks (EDUC 1300/SDEV 0301)
Learning Frameworks is a course designed to actively engage students as they discover the individual learning styles that will help them to be successful in their college courses and future careers.  All students with less than 13 SCH are required to enroll in this course as Victoria College believes that it is essential to their success as a college student.

Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW 0301)
Integrated Reading and Writing is designed to build upon the basics of reading and writing and prepare students for college-level reading and writing.  We offer this course in an open-enrollment format which means that the instruction is tailored to your individual needs.  It also allows you to attend class when you are available.  We will have instructors available to assist you in mastering the content needed to build the skills necessary for academic and professional success.

Foundations of Mathematics (MATH 0402, MATH 0303)
Foundations of Mathematics is designed to improve your math skills to prepare you for success in your college-level mathematics courses and future career.  We offer these courses in multiple formats to meet the needs of every student.  Our instructors are available to assist you in mastering the content needed for your academic and professional success.  Regardless of your math ability, we will work with you to ensure that you meet your educational goals.

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Contact Us

Phone: (361) 582-2438
Fax: (361) 582-2542


Fall/Spring Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Summer Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Closed on Fridays

Physical Location:
Johnson Hall Suite 100
Building 3 on VC’s pdf Campus Map

Mailing Address:
Victoria College
Academic Foundations
2200 E Red River Street
Victoria, TX 77901

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Faculty & Staff

Babette Lowe
Dean, Academic Foundations & Student Success
(361) 485-6807

Brian Hutcheson
Foundations Mathematics
(361) 582-2581

Diana Pagel
Coordinator, Foundations Mathematics
(361) 572-6457

Dan Murphy
Foundations Mathematics
(361) 485-6809

Susan Foester
Foundations Mathematics
(361) 580-3730

Dr. Deb Butler
Department Chair, Integrated Reading and Writing & Student Success
(361) 573-3291 x3327

Phyllis Heintschel
Integrated Reading and Writing Instructor
(361) 573-3291 x3731                                     

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Course Delivery Methods

Traditional 16-Week Classes
These courses meet for the entire 16 weeks of the semester at a designated time and place.  They are delivered in a face-to-face or hybrid setting utilizing lecture, discussion, and/or active learning activities.

NCBO (Non-Course Competency Based Option)
These classes are often individualized and offered in the modular or emporium style format and delivered through computer programs that guide students through their weaker areas with aid from an instructor.

PASS (Prep for Academic Student Success)
This is a week-long NCBO designed to help students improve their TSI scores and advance through developmental courses in a timelier manner.

Co-Enrollments (Course Pairings)
Students may co-enroll in two courses.  Students co-enroll in a 16 week foundational course and a 16 week college credit course.  Please see an advisor to determine which option is best for you.

Open Entry/Defined Exit
Students enrolled in this course will have instruction tailored to their specific needs.  The instruction is delivered through a computer program targeted toward mastery of skills and content based on performance on a diagnostic exam.  An instructor will be available to assist students as needed.  This course is self-paced and students may enroll in the course on odd weeks of the semester through the 9th week.  When students have demonstrated mastery of the skills and have passed a final exam, they may exit from the course. Please note: For financial aid purposes, it is best to sign up for any open entry classes and next level courses (that may require the open entry class as a pre-requisite) you may want at the beginning of each semester. 

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