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Students learn more when they are engaged in their education. Active learning is an approach to instruction in which students are dynamic participants in their education as they gain, retain, and enhance their knowledge, understanding, and abilities. At Victoria College, we promote an educational environment where faculty and staff create a framework and where students are prepared and actively participate in order to improve student success

Victoria College developed the Center for Academic and Professional Excellence (CAPE) to foster student success by offering training and development opportunities to faculty and staff.  The professional development provided through the QEP will focus on establishing the "framework" for students to participate and be engaged on the VC campus.

Six Key Areas

By using active learning to enhance critical thinking, VC is committed to our priority goal number one: fostering student success. To be the best WE can be in our efforts to achieve our mission, Boot Camp is designed to provide a variety of opportunities for faculty and staff to develop in six key areas:

Category Description

 Assessment (Black)


In a general sense assessment means an appraisal or evaluation. In a specific sense we use it in a variety of ways across campus for improvement. Development in this category will focus on different tools and techniques to identify needs, provide feedback, and utilize the data.

 Communication (Blue)


A meaningful exchange of information requires a sender, a message, and a recipient. Sometimes meaning gets lost in translation, so development opportunities in this area will focus on various aspects of effective communication.

Learning Styles & Active Learning (Silver)

Learning Styles & Active Learning

We all process information individually; it’s part of how we are unique. Opportunities for development in this category will focus on natural patterns of processing information which directly impact learning situations. There are also opportunities to explore a variety of student-centered activities and concepts.

Management (Pink)


Efficiency and effectiveness are the hallmarks of good management techniques whether it be time, stress, job responsibilities, or interactions with others. Development in this area will provide strategies to maximize resources.

Motivation & Engagement (Green)

Motivation & Engagement

What drives us toward success? How can we increase participation and interaction in our activities? Development in this area will focus on strategies for finding that inner force that moves us in the right direction.

 Technology (Red)


Some of us embrace it while others just can’t be bothered; however, the fact remains that technology affects us all. Opportunities for development in this category will explore various technology products and practices.

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2016-17 Boot Camp Activities

There are a variety of workshops presented each week, lasting approximately 50 minutes each. Due to limited seating, faculty and staff are asked to pre-register for workshops. Workshop titles, categories, descriptions, registration links and directions are all available on the CAPE TeamUp Calendar, which is accessed through CAPE's Workshops page.

Check out the CAPE TeamUp Calendar now!

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Certificates & Stipends

Get in on the Action...and Earn a Little Cash*!




Boot Camp Certificate #1 6 workshops - one in each area (6 total)


Boot Camp Certificate #2 6 more workshops - one in each area (12 total)


Boot Camp Certificate #3 6 more workshops - one in each area (18 total)


Workshops will be led or facilitated by VC faculty and staff and other experts with both a specific category focus as well as a wider focus on active learning and/or critical thinking. Regular VC employees are encouraged to take a workshop, seminar, or facilitated webinar through CAPE in each of the categories. Successful completion of this series of professional development opportunities will earn the participant a Boot Camp Certificate and a stipend*.  Faculty and staff have the opportunity to earn three certificates throughout the duration of the QEP (September 2014 - August 2019).

*At most one stipend may be awarded per fiscal year.  Participants who complete more than one level will be awarded their stipend after the next fiscal year provided they are still a regular VC employee.  Part-time or non-exempt employees must seek supervisor approval for hours worked and workshop attendance.  Supervisors of less-than-full-time or non-exempt employees should consult with HR prior to approving workshop attendance.

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