Buyback Terms

The Bookstore will buy books back from you any time during the year. We don’t have a start or stop period. All you need is a picture ID (student I.D. or a driver’s license) and your books. No receipt is required. The bookstore will purchase books on an as needed basis for up to half of the current shelf price or the current wholesale price.

Water damaged books and books with excessive highlighting, wear, or other forms of distress may not be eligible for buyback at the discretion of the bookstore.

Not all books are able to be sold back. The bookstore will buy back books on an as needed basis. Buyback value is based on the books demand for the next semester. High demand books may bring up to half of your purchase price.

When a book is not able to be repurchased, or the price is less than half, it is either because we already have enough copies on hand, the book is a workbook, kit, study guide, or the book may not be used in the coming semester. The best time to sell a book back is during finals. Some books may have a limit on the number that can be bought back. Don’t Wait! Sell them as soon as you can.

It is up to you to make sure that you will not need the book for another course. Once a buyback transaction occurs, it is final.

Buyback information will not be given over the phone.

Buyback Estimate

Can the Bookstore give a buyback quote over the phone?

No, buyback information will not be given over the phone. Receive a buyback estimate through our website.

How do I sell my books back to the bookstore if I live out of town?

Receive a buyback estimate. If you decide to sell your books back to us please ship them to us at the address below; we recommend that you use a traceable shipping method that provides delivery confirmation.

Victoria College Bookstore
Attn: Buyback
2200 E. Red River St.
Victoria, TX 77901

Keep in mind that our business office may take up to 4 weeks to process a check and mail to the address you specify (not including the time it takes for you to ship/mail your package to us). The best way to sell your books back is to drive to Victoria during normal store hours. Your package must include a photo copy of your photo ID (DL, State ID card, or Student ID card), and include a note of the address you wish the check to be sent. If you do not include this information, then your buyback will not be processed.


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