Complaint Procedures

Citizen Complaint Procedures

Victoria College's Department of Police & Campus Safety welcomes valid complaints about our service and personnel. It is essential to the safety of our college community that the relationship between our personnel and the public that we serve is a relationship built on confidence and trust. Furthermore, your constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions provide an open channel of communication between our department and the public. The feedback we receive helps us protect the college community from possible misconduct, and provides a basis for a thorough and impartial investigative procedure.

Employees accused in a complaint shall first be presumed innocent unless the charges are substantiated during the complaint investigation process. The purpose of this policy is to accept valid complaints; however instances which only deal with the guilt or innocence of a suspected violator will be referred to the proper judicial court and will not be investigated as a complaint by this department.

How to File a Complaint

Any person shall have the right to file a complaint. Persons wishing to make a complaint against any employee of this department will be referred to the Chief of Police or his/her designee. The Department of Police & Campus Safety is located on the second floor of the Academic Building in Office Suite 210. Complaints may also be filed directly with the Vice President of Administrative Services located in the VC Administration Building Office, Room 114.

In order for a complaint to be considered and investigated, all complaints against state licensed peace officers must be made in writing and signed by the complainant. (Title 6 Texas Government Code, Sec. 614.021)  A copy of the written complaint will also be given to the officer or employee within a reasonable time after the complaint is filed. 

To ensure the most accurate investigation into the alleged conduct, all complaints should be filed in a timely manner. All persons who file complaints will be informed of the final disposition of their complaint in writing by the Chief of Police. While we do encourage the filing of legitimate complaints against employees, the department simultaneously seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the filing of false and malicious allegations against our employees. When a complaint is proven to be purposely false, the complainant will be prosecuted within the law.

Questions about this complaint policy

If you have any questions about the complaint process, please call the Chief of Police at (361) 582-2406, or email

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If you have a compliment or comment you would like to share, please let us know so we may continue providing quality services. Please call VC's Department of Police & Campus Safetyat (361) 582-2406 or email us at


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