Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is a set of courses in the liberal arts, humanities, sciences, and political, social, and cultural histories that all undergraduates of an institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving a degree. Completion of the core curriculum DOES NOT complete the requirements for an associates degree. In order to fulfill the College’s academic standards and in an attempt to help the students become well-rounded, educated individuals, the following core curriculum is required:


*  Additional hours fall to Component Area Option or will fulfill degree requirements.
+  Associate of Arts Degree – completion of two science courses with at least one course being a lab science course (may be used to satisfy core requirements).
catalog2015_corecurrsymbol.png  Associate of Science Degree – completion of two lab science courses (may be used to satisfy core requirements).

If a student successfully completes the core curriculum at an institution of higher education, that block of courses may be transferred to any other institution of higher education and must be substituted for the receiving institution’s core curriculum. A student shall receive academic credit for each of the courses transferred and may not be required to take additional core curriculum courses at the receiving institution unless the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has approved a larger core curriculum at that institution.

A student who completes the Core Curriculum at Victoria College will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to gain a foundation of knowledge of human culture and the physical and natural world; develop principles of personal and social responsibility for living in a diverse world; and advance intellectual and practical skills that are essential for all learning. More Details >

Foundational component area outcomes are reflected in the Victoria College Core Curriculum.

Field of Study Curriculum
The Field of Study Curriculum is a set of courses that will satisfy the lower-division academic requirements for a bachelor’s degree in a specific academic area. All public four-year/upper level institutions are required to accept the Field of Study Curriculum in fulfillment of those lower-division courses required in majors that correspond to the field of study. Approved Field of Study Curriculum is defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Information concerning approved Field of Study Curriculum can be found at Victoria College does not offer all Field of Study courses. More information is also available through Advising, Counseling & Recruitment Services.   

General Education

As an institution of higher education, Victoria College embraces the philosophy that a well-educated person understands multiple perspectives about the individual and the world in which he or she lives; discusses and reflects upon individual, political, and social aspects of life so as to understand ways in which to exercise responsible citizenship; and integrates knowledge and understands the interrelationships of the disciplines.

The Victoria College Core Curriculum is designed to provide students with the general education expected of any well-educated person.  


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