Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention
Victoria College is concerned about the safety and welfare of all campus members and guests, and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment. Because of this concern, security measures are employed to ensure that all persons on campus enjoy their time at Victoria College as free as possible from any threats to their safety or well-being. We have also provided several crime prevention tips which should help make your stay on campus more enjoyable.

Personal safety begins with personal responsibility.
Whether you are a student or an employee, you must assume an active role in your own safety and the safety of the campus community. Learn to be observant and aware of your surroundings. If suspicious activity or behavior is observed or if a crime occurs, make mental notes of the circumstances. Attempt to obtain descriptions of individuals or vehicles involved. Do not hesitate to call Police & Campus Safety  at (361) 220-1391 or 911 for assistance. Do not assume someone else has reported the incident.

If you are a student...

  1. Try not to appear vulnerable; walk with confidence. Think how you might respond to various situations. Think defensively.
  2. Never leave purses, laptop computers, PDA devices, cell phones, books, or other personal valuable property unattended.
  3. If driving, always lock your vehicle and never leave valuables in open view.
  4. Park in lighted areas. Try to arrange to walk to your vehicle with someone or in a group and always have your keys in your hand prior to approaching your vehicle. Check the interior of the vehicle before opening the door. Be aware of vans or large trucks parked next to your vehicle that could conceal someone intent on harming you. In the event you feel uneasy about walking to your vehicle alone, please contact Police & Campus Safety  at (361) 220-1391 for an escort.
  5. If walking to school, avoid hitchhiking and do not accept rides from strangers. Avoid deserted areas and walk facing traffic.
  6. Be alert for breaking campus news. Check your campus email account daily or more often if possible to see if any safety alerts have been issued. Victoria College's website and your campus email are the primary methods by which the College communicates safety related concerns and information to students, faculty, and staff.
  7. If you bring children onto the campus, never leave them unattended. Victoria College does not have childcare facilities or services.

If you are an employee…

  1. Make an effort to get to know and recognize your co-workers and be familiar with people that should be in your area. Do not hesitate to question strangers, activity, or behavior that seems unusual or odd.
  2. Be familiar with work safety policies and procedures.
  3. Introduce yourself to Campus Police and Security personnel and know how to reach them.
  4. Arrange an office alert signal that you can use to alert other employees in your area that someone is in trouble.
  5. Do not loan your office keys to anyone who is not an employee.
  6. Be very cautious about providing personal information, such as your social securtiy number, over the phone or Internet.
  7. If working late, lock your exterior office doors and be cautious about who you let in after hours. Notify Police & Campus Safety that you will be working late at (361) 220-1391
  8. Leave your office blinds open so security and others can easily see inside as they make their rounds.
  9. Report safety related issues, such as burned out lighting, immediately.
  10. If you are leaving late and are concerned about your safety, walk with a co-worker or contact Police & Campus Safety at (361) 220-1391 for an escort.
  11. Always lock up valuables, such as purses, while you are at work. Desk drawers or filing cabinets may be used for this purpose.
  12. Never carry an unnecessary number of credit cards or your social security card on your person, in your wallet, or in your purse.

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