Two VC students participate in Cisco Networking Academy’s NetRiders Challenge

Chris Cox and Brandon Scott have been taking classes together for more than a year now in pursuit of Victoria College’s Computer Information Systems Associate of Applied Science degree. Together, they decided to team up and enter Cisco Networking Academy’s NetRiders Challenge.

The NetRiders Challenge is a multi-stage competition highlighting the skills of students enrolled in Cisco Networking Academy courses, which are included as part of their CIS curriculum at VC. With the full support and assistance of their instructor Marty Stockbauer, Cox and Scott will compete in a series of online theoretical exams and activities that will take place in a real-time environment and showcase their IT/Networking skills.

The NetRiders Challenge is an international competition held in over 80 countries worldwide.  The 2010 competition will enter its final round this coming April. The top two teams will win an all expenses paid trip to Cisco’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California in January.

“This is the first time VC has ever had a team compete in this Challenge,” said Stockbauer. “Chris and Brandon are a great team and I am ready to help them in any way I can.”

Cox and Scott are both busy finishing up their next to last semester at VC. The material covered in the NetRiders Challenge is from curriculum they had during their first semester, so preparing for this competition will require extra hours of study and practice.

According to Cox, it is the nature of the challenge that drew him. He and Scott agree that a hands-on demonstration of knowledge is much easier than theoretical testing. But since this challenge is mostly theoretical testing, their participation has forced them to build that strength.

It was Cox’s idea to participate in the NetRiders Challenge after receiving an email invitiation from Cisco Academy. He chose Scott as his partner since they’d been taking classes together and he knew Scott would also have the time to devote to preparing for the exams.

After working in waste management for most of his career, Cox wanted a new career and turned to VC. He said he put off going to college, but now he works hard so that he’ll be able to support his family and looks forward to a new career in network administration at a large firm.

Scott said he always did well in computer courses in high school and has always loved working on computers. He plans to transfer to UHV to finish a bachelor’s degree, but he wanted to start at VC because the CIS program at VC includes courses that are not included anywhere else.

Both gentlemen say they’d love to win the first prize, all expenses paid trip to California. But regardless of the outcome, their participation serves as a personal challenge that will demonstrate their dedication, hard work and will stand as something they can both be proud of as they move on toward their new careers. 

by Katy Long, posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010

Published: Friday, 12 November 2010

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