Art studentsí winning creations showcased in VCís Fall 2010 Student Art Show

Last week, Victoria College opened the Fall 2010 Student Art show to exhibit student art projects from each of the visual art classes offered at VC. In addition to showcasing students’ art projects, a panel of judges comprised of all three full-time art faculty members selected top honors for the semester.

Jonathan Riedesel won two top honors. His graphite on paper “Sequential Drawing” won Best in Show, and his untitled silver gelatin print of a carousel won second place. Riedesel is finishing his third semester at VC and intends to transfer to Texas State University next semester to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Following that he’ll pursue a master’s degree as well.

“I’ve been drawing since I was a kid,” said Cuero native Riedesel. “I’ve had some storyline ideas floating around my head for a long time that I’d like to develop.”

His future plans include writing and illustrating his own graphic novels. He prefers graphite and enjoys the simplicity of expressing a story without dialog. His winning piece is a subtractive drawing where the entire sheet of paper is covered evenly in graphite and the images are created by erasing it away. His four-panel “Sequential Drawing” was a class assignment that shows an artists’ tool—in this case a mannequin’s hand—crawling out of a box and fiddling with a pencil while the artist is away.

VC computer information systems instructor Trent Thigpen won first place in the student art show with his porcelain creation titled “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” Even though Thigpen has been a full-time faculty member at VC for ten years, he still qualifies as a student for the art show because neither of his degrees is in art. He holds a Business Bachelor of Arts in marketing from Texas State University and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in computer science and bioinformatics from the University of Houston-Victoria.

“I teach communications and computer science, but I enjoy and appreciate the artistic aspect of communication as well,” said Thigpen. “Learning about art and working to create art enhances my own communications skills.”

In discussing his winning creation, Thigpen said he found some campy molds that were donated to the ceramics department. He selected singing monk heads and Santa molds and combined them because he wanted to create something grotesque.

“This is a complex piece because everything about this sculpture tells part of its story,” said Thigpen. “In my mind, it’s symbolic of abuse scandals in the church—among other things. But I think people should interpret it for themselves. This is not decorative art—its message is its meaning.”

Mark Sarlls has been a student at VC for approximately two years, but this semester is the first time he’s taken an art class. His oil-on-canvas painting “After Pascal Maitre” won third place. Sarlls wants to learn more about painting and explore other artistic media, eventually planning to transfer to a university in Texas to complete a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. His ultimate goal is to produce professional art for advertising.

“I enjoyed the few art classes I took in high school, but this is much more involved,” said Sarlls. “I was so surprised that I won, but excited, too.”

When asked about the inspiration for his painting, Sarlls said he saw the image of two women struggling through the Sahara desert in a National Geographic magazine. The nature and quality of life in other parts of the world fascinates Sarlls.

“What I like about this picture is all that it doesn’t show,” said Sarlls. “These women aren’t going back to an air-conditioned apartment to watch TV. They’re probably headed to some place with a dirt floor to cook a meal for ten people over a wood fire.”

“It’s been amazing to see the consistent quality over such a diverse range of artistic mediums,” said VC associate professor of art and art show judge Nathan Heuer. “And it has been a true delight working with such amazingly talented students.”

The Fall 2010 Student Art Show is currently on display in the gallery area of the VC Fine Arts Auditorium. The exhibit is free and open to the public, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Friday, Dec. 10.

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Who: Open to the public
What: Fall 2010 Art Show Exhibit
Where: VC Fine Arts Auditorium Gallery
When: Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Friday, Dec. 10

by Katy Long, posted Thursday, November 11, 2010


Published: Friday, 12 November 2010

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