VCs Adult Ed Correctional Education Program featured in federal report

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education recently released a report from the Office of Correctional Education that is part of the Division of Adult Education and Literacy. The report, “Community-based Correctional Education,” presented program information from 15 different community-based education programs in 10 states that included VC.

VC Adult Education Program Coordinator Tiffany Johnson contributed information regarding VC’s Adult Education program that was included in the report. The report serves as a resource document for all community-based providers, including charter schools, technical colleges and adult education programs throughout the country.

Community-based programs provide educational services for those serving time for a criminal sentences under parole or probation. Community-based correctional education offers cost-efficient alternatives to incarceration for improving public safety and decreasing recidivism rates, and the challenges and implications for state and federal policies in addressing these issues.  Historically, inmate populations have low literacy and workforce skills and increasing these skills helps in the rehabilitation process and has the potential to decrease recidivism rates.

The report included the characteristics of community-based correctional education programs, including those of VC’s Adult Education program. VC’s program provides inmates at the Victoria County Jail the opportunity to take VC’s Adult Basic Education course and the GED exam on site at the jail. Instructors from VC’s Adult Education visit the jail 6-12 hours a week to conduct instruction. Inmates also use Distance Learning materials in their cells.

VC's Testing Center sends a representative to administer the GED exam approximately once a month.  In addition, distance learning materials are used with students currently on probation and/or parole to continue their studies while working and fulfilling their obligations related to their incarceration.

“I was very pleased to be a contributor to this national study," said VC Adult Education Program Coordinator Tiffany Johnson. "The opportunity to offer alternatives in education will help improve the skill levels of our students who strive to become productive members of society.”

Published: Thursday, 31 March 2011

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