Domestic violence activist to be next VC Lyceum speaker

Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca Kiessling, a family attorney and leading domestic violence awareness activist, will be the fourth speaker of the Victoria College Lyceum Lecture Series. She will speak on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at noon in the VISD Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive in Victoria.

The Lyceum committee, which selects each of the speakers for the series, said domestic violence is an important topic that needs to be addressed.

 “We should be made aware of the impact that domestic violence has on its victims,” said committee member Bridgette Marshall.  “Rebecca Kiessling definitely has an uplifting message about finding self-worth that anybody should be able to appreciate. We should still actively be seeking solutions.” 

Kiessling has deeply moving life story. Adopted from birth, Kiessling grew up in a Jewish family. At age 18, she obtained legal documents from her case worker to find out why she was adopted. It was then that she discovered that she had been conceived in rape by a serial rapist.

“I was just devastated,” Kiessling said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network.
“I remember feeling so ugly and so unwanted, and thinking, ‘who would ever love me?’”

Once she met her birth mother, she was told that had abortion been legal in Michigan, her mom would have aborted her.

During her college years, she was also physically abused by a boyfriend, which lowered her self-esteem even more.

Kiessling’s experiences propelled her to become a family attorney and an internationally renowned motivational speaker and activist against domestic violence. In her lecture, she will share how she overcame adversity and found personal worth.

“Because she was conceived in an act of violence and later experienced violence in her personal life, she has become an advocate and a voice to help women,” said Catherine Heath, a former Lyceum committee member. “She helps them recognize that they are valuable to their community and to their world.”

Kiessling’s story has been featured in Extra, Glamour Magazine and Marie Claire Magazine. She has also appeared on “Good Morning America”, CNN, and CBS News. Most recently, she appears in a new film, “The Gift of Life” with Governor Mike Huckabee.

Kiessling is married with five home schooled children. For more information about the speaker, visit The lecture is free and no tickets are required.

If You Go...

WHAT: Rebecca Kiessling, VC Lyceum Lecture Series Speaker
WHEN: Tuesday, Jan.31 at noon
WHERE: VISD Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Dr., Victoria
COST: The event is free and tickets are not required


posted on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012 by Katy Long (written by Julian Cavazos)



Published: Thursday, 26 January 2012

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