Privacy & Security Policy

Computer Use Rights

  • A computer user's access to computing and information resources shall not be denied or removed without just cause.
  • The right to access includes the right to appropriate training and tools required to effect access, within the constraints of the resources available at the College
  • All computer users shall have the right to be informed about personal information that is being and has been collected about them and have the right to review and correct that information. Personal information about a user shall not be used for other than the express purpose of its collection.
  • The constitutional concept of freedom of speech applies to computer users.
  • All computer users have ownership rights over their own intellectual works.

Computer Users' Responsibilities to Abide by Victoria College Computer Use Policies and Related Regulations

  • It shall be each computer user's responsibility to abide by Victoria College Computer Use Policies and all related regulations.
  • It shall be each computer user's personal responsibility to actively pursue needed resources, to recognize when information is needed and to be able to find, evaluate and effectively use information.
  • It shall be each computer user's personal responsibility to recognize and honor the intellectual property of others.
  • Since electronic learning is based upon the integrity and authenticity of information, it shall be each computer user's personal responsibility to be aware of the potential for, and possible effects of, manipulating electronic information; to understand the fungible nature of electronic information; and to verify the integrity and authenticity, and assure the security of information compiled or used.
  • Each computer user, as a member of the electronic community of learners, is responsible to all other users in that community to respect and value the rights of privacy for all; to recognize and respect the diversity of the population and opinion in the community; to behave ethically; and to comply with legal restrictions regarding the use of information resources.
  • Each user, as a member of the electronic community of learners, is responsible to the community as a whole to understand what information technology resources are available, to recognize that the members of the community share them, and to refrain from acts that waste resources or prevent others from using them.

Victoria College Rights

  • Victoria College has the right to restrict computer access exclusively to faculty, staff and students who agree to abide by Victoria College Computer Use Policies and all related regulations, which are subject to change without notice.
  • Victoria College has the right to access all information stored on College computers.
  • Victoria College has ownership rights over the intellectual works it creates.
  • Victoria College has the authority to allocate resources in accordance with its institutional mission.
  • Victoria College has the authority to restrict Internet access provided through the College's equipment.
  • Victoria College has the right to fully enforce all disciplinary procedures, as outlined in Part I, against students who violate Victoria College Computer Use Policies and/or related regulations.  Victoria College reserves the right to report computer law violations to law enforcement officials.

Victoria College Responsibilities

  • Victoria College has the responsibility to provide all computer users with legally acquired computer resources (hardware, software, networks, databases, etc.) in all instances where access to, or use of, the resources is an integral part of active participation in the electronic community.
  • Victoria College has the responsibility to develop, implement and maintain security procedures to insure the integrity of individual and institutional files. The College shall not be responsible for loss of data or interference with files resulting from its efforts to maintain the privacy and security of the College computer facilities.
  • Victoria College has the responsibility to treat electronically stored information as confidential. The institution shall treat all personal files as confidential, examining or disclosing the contents only when authorized by the owner of the information, approved by the appropriate institutional official, or required by local, state or federal law and/or regulation.
  • Victoria College has the responsibility to train and support faculty, staff, and students to effectively use information technology.  Training includes skills to use the resources, to be aware of the existence of data repositories and techniques for using them, and to understand the ethical and legal uses of the resources.

Regulations Governing Student Use of Victoria College Computing Resources.
Students are required to agree to abide by the following rules and regulations governing computing resources at Victoria College:

  • The student is the only person who may use resources (User ID and Passwords) that have been assigned to him/her.
  • Students are not to share passwords with others. If a student suspects that someone may have discovered his/her password, it is the responsibility of the student to change the password immediately. Students are encouraged to select a password that is uncommon and are urged to change passwords frequently. If others gain access to students' accounts, it will be assumed that it is done with permission from the student.
  • Students will be held responsible for all activity for the resources assigned to them and for destructive or illegal activities conducted on their account.
  • Students are not to transmit computer viruses to College computers.
  • Students are not to modify any College-owned computer hardware or software or to load any software on College-owned computer equipment. The only exception to these rules is for classes that specifically require such activities and, if required, are to be conducted only with the express prior knowledge and permission of the class instructor.
  • Students cannot be paid, or otherwise commercially profit, from the use of any College-provided computing resource or from any output produced using it. 
    Students may not:
    o Post chain letters from which they hope to profit.
    o Run a business on College-owned computers.
  • Students are not to use any College-provided resources to do something illegal, threatening, or deliberately destructive; not even as a joke. Victoria College vigorously enforces its computer use regulations.
    o Ignorance is no excuse.  Refer to for information about computer crimes and the law. 
    o Students will not be exempt from the law because they are "just a student" or they were "playing around." 
    o Students who are also employed by the College may be disciplined both as a student and as an employee.
  • Students should be civil and not send rude or harassing email. If someone asks that email not be sent to him/her, students should comply immediately. Failure to do so could result in a complaint being filed.
  • Students who feel they are being harassed through email should file a complaint the same as for in-person harassment.
  • Students should use resources appropriately. Messages should only be sent to recipients who are affected by the information contained within. Examples of inappropriate use of resources include:
    o Sending a message at random to a large number of news-groups or recipients
    o Attempting to inconvenience someone by sending them a large number of messages
  • Students should always be careful of copyright infringement, even if the work does not contain a copyright notice.
  • Students should never try to circumvent log-in procedures on any computer system or otherwise gain access where they are not allowed. The College tracks all computer usage and evidence of any of these infractions is documented in the College's computer security system. Offenses will be investigated by the Vice President of Student Services. Possible sanctions include Warning, Reprimand, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, and Monetary Reimbursement. Offenses may also result in criminal charges.

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