Victoria College partners with Yoakum business to offer adult education classes

Francisco Montejano, Eddy Packing Co. vice president of Human Resources, discusses the importance of education for all Eddy Packing employees before Victoria College and Texas Workforce Commission personnel.

Victoria College’s  Adult Education Center has partnered with Eddy Packing Co. in Yoakum to offer Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language classes in the factory. These classes will assist employees with improving their workplace skills as well as obtain a GED certificate.

Classes will be offered onsite to accommodate both day and evening shift workers who cannot attend traditional classes offered in the area.

“This is a wonderful partnership between an employer and an educational program that demonstrates the value of education and the merits of an educated workforce,” said Tiffany Johnson, VC Adult Education director. “This is a win-win situation for all parties.”

This joint venture began with the Eddy Packing Co. seeking ways to offer educational opportunities to its employees and VC’s Adult Education Center looking for ways to increase its efforts in the small community.

Ramona Garcia, Human Resources manager at Eddy Packing Co., said a new company initiative was formed to offer education for their employees.

“It is very important to improve our employees’ skills, especially in a small town,” Garcia said. “As Eddie grows, we look forward to keep working together with the community of Yoakum and Victoria College to offer better education and training opportunities that will benefit all of us and create a better future not only in Texas but as part of a globally competitive economy.”

Francisco Montejano, Eddy Packing Co. vice president of Human Resources, agreed, saying “Eddie Packing is committed to providing our employees with a dynamic and better workplace where they can both apply their skills and receive training and education that will make them more competitive in the marketplace.”

“Training our employees benefits not only Eddy, but the whole Yoakum community and its surrounding area,” Montejano added. “More education and training means better opportunities for advancement and recognition.”

During a recent kickoff event, some 130 potential students submitted applications for the ESL class while 12 signed up for GED classes. Classes are held for four hours each week and offered at the beginning and end of each work shift. 

Johnson said Eddy Packing Co. also has plans to offer a Spanish for the Workplace course. Garcia said 24 employees have already signed up for this class.

The company is currently working with VC’s Workforce & Continuing Education Department to finalize the details for that course,” she reported.

Eddy Packing was founded by E.R. (Eddy) Mayrant as a family business in 1953 with six production employees. The business was later sold and has since grown to more than 600 employees. The company offers a complete line of fully cooked, marinated, cured, fresh and frozen beef, pork and poultry products.

Published: Thursday, 30 January 2014

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