Truck driving simulator prepares VC students for diverse driving conditions
Truck driving simulator
Truck driving student Randy Garcia operates Victoria College’s state-of-the-art truck driving simulator.

Victoria College’s Truck Driving Program has trained more than forty students using a simulator that gives them experience driving a big rig before they ever get out on the road. VC purchased the state-of-the-art simulator in 2014 with incentive funds awarded by the Texas Workforce Commission for high performance on previous training projects.

Housed at VC’s Emerging Technology Complex, the simulator is designed to get students comfortable with the mechanics of operating trucks in a variety of scenarios before moving on to a closed driving range in an eighteen wheeler.

Instructors are able to monitor a student’s operation of the truck from a nearby console, which shows everything from what gear the student is in to how much the accelerator is being depressed. This is all recorded in real-time for playback and critique so students can see what they did well and where they went wrong.

Students start out on a simulated driving course and graduate to driving on simulated streets complete with traffic that can be unpredictable at times. The instructor can change variables such as weather conditions or time of day, as well as curve balls such as a sudden flat tire. The simulator responds to such events, pulling the wheel and shaking the seat so the driver has to compensate in order to prevent a collision.

“This level of training is exceptionally useful for potential employers as confidence equates to competence,” said Mary Pullin, Workforce & Continuing Education program specialist. “Graduates of VC’s Truck Driving Program are ready to enter the workforce immediately, with some students even having job offers waiting for them upon completion of the seven-week course.”

Registration is now open for the next class which begins Monday, Feb 29. The class will meet at Victoria College’s Industrial Training Center at the Emerging Technology Complex, 7403 Lone Tree Road.

For more information or to register, contact Pullin at (361) 485-6830 or

Published: Friday, 15 January 2016

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