New four-day schedule helps VC students balance work and family

Dr. Pat Vandervoort

This fall the class schedule will look a little different for Victoria College students.  A new four-day class schedule will replace the current five-day schedule. Most 50-minute classes offered three days a week will be replaced with 75-minute classes offered twice a week.

It’s all intended to make it easier for students to schedule classes around their work and family obligations.

With a few exceptions, no students will be in classes on Fridays. A few labs and some virtual classes will still be offered on Fridays, including the dual credit hybrid courses provided onsite at area high schools.

Based on a survey of almost 350 students in the fall of 2015, most students think the change is a great idea. More than 80 percent of students in day classes said they preferred the condensed schedule, and 100 percent of students in night classes preferred it.

Although only 45 percent of students said there was a particular day of the week when it was hard to get to class, 80 percent of those who did said Friday was the most difficult.

Work and family obligations topped the list of reasons that some days were busier than others.

“I think it’s going to allow students greater flexibility in managing life,” said Dr. Patricia Vandervoort, vice president of instruction. “I see it as a cost savings for students because they won’t have to travel to campus as many days. Even with the price of gas, it’s still a strain on students to have to come to class three, four and five days a week. And it may even reduce childcare issues or make it possible for some students to work more and increase their earnings.”

Longer classes could be an advantage for students, too.

“Sometimes spending just 50 minutes discussing topics and content isn’t enough, but if you have 75 minutes it can help with understanding the material,” added Vandervoort.

The four-day week only applies to classes; all administrative offices and student services will keep the same schedule.

“It’s business as usual everywhere else,” said Vandervoort.

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Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2016

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