Victoria College, area school districts join forces to prepare students for college
Babette Lowe
Babette Lowe

High school students who want to be college ready at graduation have a convenient, no-cost option thanks to a joint initiative offered by Victoria College and area school districts.

VC and school districts in its seven-county service area are partnering to provide seniors with college-prep classes in math and English. The classes are offered in the high schools and taught by high school faculty. However, the curriculum is developed by VC, and students must pass a final exam administered by VC.

Students who are not college ready at the end of their junior year are encouraged to take advantage of these classes—even if they’re not sure they will attend college.

The classes are nearly identical to the Academic Foundations classes for first-semester VC students. These developmental classes prepare students for college-level classes but do not count toward a college degree.

In 2014 almost half of high school graduates in Texas were not considered college ready and would be required to take developmental classes if they enrolled in college. Victoria College-bound students who successfully complete the college-prep classes in their senior year can enroll in college-level courses at VC and avoid the expense of Academic Foundation classes.

Students who attend other colleges will also be ready for college classes but may still have to take the TSI Assessment as the college-prep course is only valid for students planning to attend VC.

Regardless, taking the classes during high school saves students—and parents—the expense of developmental classes that don’t count toward a college degree.

“We have many students coming right out of high school who have to take developmental classes, possibly because they didn’t realize the importance of their education in high school,” said Babette Lowe, VC dean of Academic Foundations and Student Success.

“We want to get the word out to parents that if students take the classes now, in high school, they’re free,” said Lowe. “They won’t have to take extra hours of developmental classes or pay the tuition for those classes later.”

The classes are offered during regular school hours, and students earn advanced math and advanced English credit for taking them. Math 0301 is offered in the fall, followed by Math 0303 in the spring. Together these two courses prepare students for college-level algebra. Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW) is a one-semester course that prepares students for all credit-level courses that require college readiness in reading and/or writing.

For more information about college-prep courses, email Babette Lowe at or contact a high school counselor.

Published: Monday, 02 May 2016

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