Dow process technicians receive certificates through VC training
Twelve Dow Chemical process technicians recently received their Customized Process Technology Certificates at Victoria College’s Emerging Technology Complex.

A dozen Dow Chemical process technicians recently received their Customized Process Technology Certificates from Victoria College during a ceremony at VC’s Emerging Technology Complex.

Victoria College and Dow have combined to meet the growing demand for skilled workers in the petrochemical industry to help meet Dow’s workforce needs.

“At Dow, we are constantly striving to attract, train and retain local talent,” said Candace Nunley, Dow Seadrift Operation’s Site Learning Leader. “The customized Process Technology Certificate developed in partnership with VC allows us to bring in this talent with little to no technical expertise and train them on the core Process Technology Curriculums in a condensed timeframe. The technical training, troubleshooting and team building received in the classroom is evident as they transition to on-the-job training in the plant. It’s always great to work with our local partners to improve our competitive advantage by developing the technical skills of our workforce for today and tomorrow.”

The students completed 48 contact hours and 23 credit hours of accelerated training over the 12-week instruction, which builds upon the participants’ previous education and work experience. Students learn theoretical and practical skills with production equipment, plant processes, safety, quality and instrumentation.

“Victoria College appreciates the partnership with Dow to facilitate the fast-track Process Technology Certificate to assist in meeting the employment needs of Dow,” said VC Process Technology Instructor Fred Chastain. “The collaboration condensed an otherwise two-semester (32-week) certification into 12 weeks with results proven by a standardized test score increase of an average of 17 percent with a range of improvement of 6 to 29 percent. Former, highly qualified, Dow employees taught about 80 percent of the program while other excellent professionals took on the remainder of the teaching responsibilities. This training is designed to provide operators (process technicians) that can hit the ground running and save Dow valuable on-the-job training time. VC truly appreciates this partnership and opportunity.”

“It was great working with these men and women as they prepared for their future careers in the petrochemical industry,” said VC Process Technology Instructor Lawrence Wick. “They represent the diversity of experience and education in today's workforce. During the 12-week period, they developed not only their theoretical and practical skills, but a tremendous team spirit as well."

The 12 Dow Chemical process technicians who received their Customized Process Technology Certificates were, front row from left, Richard Reagan, John Trevino, Michelle Carter, Abran “Manny” Estrada, Brandon Boyd, Marcos Gonzales and Mark Cowan and, back row, James White, Erin Smith, Grant Martin, Harold Bellanger and Brycen Saxton.

Published: Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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