Former VC Saberettes reunite, donate items to library
Former Victoria College Saberettes sponsor Ruth Williams, left, poses with three former Saberettes, from left, Pat Vogt Holton, Donna Surface Homsher and Mary Grace Adcock Krejci, during their gathering Tuesday at the VC/UHV Library.

Donna Surface Homsher felt like she discovered lost treasure six months ago in the attic of her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Homsher was a member of Victoria College’s Saberettes in 1957-58 and stumbled across some items from her two years on the dance team.

“I knew I had them somewhere,” Homsher said. “I wasn’t positive where in the house they were. We’ve been in that house for 42 years now. They had been in a store room, and we had decided to get rid of some stuff. I didn’t want to get rid of it, so I put it in the attic. My husband never knew I hid it there.”

VC/UHV Library Director Joe Dahlstrom welcomed Homsher’s suggestion to ship her VC sweater, Saberettes blanket, saber and other items to Victoria for display at the library. Homsher and two other former Saberettes along with former Saberette sponsor Ruth Williams met Tuesday morning at the library for a mini-reunion to view Homsher’s items and rehash old memories.

“It’s exciting to be able to relive everything,” said Pat Vogt Holton, who was a 1958-59 Saberette. “A lot of this I had forgotten about. I just wish more of the girls could have come.”

The Saberettes performed primarily during Victoria College Pirate football games. They also made appearances at parades and events for local civic groups.

“It was hard work,” said Mary Grace Adcock Krejci (1957-59). “We had to be dedicated and we had to get boys off of our minds. We had to concentrate and focus. When one of us would kick too soon, we got in trouble. Sometimes we had to run laps around the gym. We could outrun and outkick the football team, for sure.”

Krejci relived the times when she and Homsher would ride around town and cruise “The Jet,” which was a popular Victoria drive-in restaurant in the 1950s and ‘60s.

“The Jet to The Corral, that was our circle,” Homsher said.

One of the worst memories relived by the former Saberettes was putting white makeup on their legs for every performance.

“It was a mess,” Homsher said. “We had to do that because we didn’t have any tights.”

Homsher served as dance captain and often had many of the 33 Saberettes at her house to work on team projects.

“She believed in posters,” Krejci said. “We were forever making posters.”

During Tuesday’s gathering, Homsher also displayed a Pirate flag that her mother helped her create.

“Somebody said we needed a flag,” Homsher said. “I said, ‘My mom will make it.’ In two days we had a flag.”

Homsher said she would like to connect with more former Saberettes.

“I’ve reached out to several of the ladies,” Homsher said. “I want to know how they are doing and where they are.”

“Everybody’s lives kind of went different directions,” Krejci said. “But now that we’re aging, it seems like we are pulling back to our roots.”

Former Saberettes wishing to contact Homsher can email her at or call her at (602) 809-2442.
Donna Surface Homsher participated with Victoria College’s Saberettes dance team in 1957 and ‘58.
Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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