VC to welcome new intramural sport in Spring 2017
Victoria College student Natalie Brown takes aim at her target during a recent quidditch practice at VCs Quad.

Victoria College will have a new intramural sport in Spring 2017, and VC Biology Instructor Alejandro Enriquez hopes it literally sweeps the campus.

Enriquez, who has been involved in quidditch as a player and coach for four years, recently received approval to make the sport, which was created in the Harry Potter novels, an official intramural activity at VC. Enriquez has already held quidditch practices this fall at the Quad on VC’s Main Campus.

“I am extremely excited for quidditch intramurals,” Enriquez said. “We will have two weeks of introductory scrimmages in January to help people acclimate to the rules. Then the games will be played in February, with a tournament-style event in March.”

A quidditch team is made up of 20 or more players. Seven players – three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker – play at a time while holding a broomstick between their legs. The chasers try to score a goal (10 points) by throwing the quaffle (a volleyball) through one of their opponents’ three hoops that are mounted on poles at varying heights.

“There are a lot of different roles you can play on the team,” Enriquez said. “People often start out learning how to run on their broom and catch the ball, pass the ball and score. Over time, you can develop your skills as a beater, ball carrier and seeker.”

“I signed up for clubs during Pirate Orientation, and quidditch just seemed very interesting,” VC freshman Valauri Stasa said. “I wanted to meet new people, so I came and I tried it. I wasn’t really sure before, but now I absolutely love it.”

Students interested in participating in quidditch can contact Enriquez at (361) 582-3202 or

“I am very pleased that there is a lot of interest in the sport because I feel very passionately that it is the ultimate team sport that brings people together in friendly competition,” Enriquez said.

Victoria College Biology Instructor Alejandro Enriquez participates in a recent quidditch practice with VC students.
Published: Wednesday, 02 November 2016

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