Artist illustrates phobias on canvas at VC gallery
Austin artist Liz Hermanson, second from left, chats with visitors to her exhibit at the Victoria College Fine Arts Building gallery. Hermanson’s “Underbelly” exhibit will be on display at the gallery through April 7.

Liz Hermanson has discovered a creative way to confront her fears.

The Austin-based artist’s “Underbelly” collection of drawings and etchings illustrates phobias she has encountered. Hermanson’s work went on display at the Victoria College Fine Arts Building gallery on Feb. 9 and will remain on display there until April 7. The gallery is open from noon to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday.

“I used to and still do battle insomnia a lot,” Hermanson said. “I would stay up and let my thoughts kind of pour out on paper. I also used to struggle with social anxiety, so phobias come out a whole lot in my work. It’s kind of based on social phobias, nightmares and the subconscious. I like to transcend those into fantastical-type of drawings, etchings and engravings.”

“A lot of it is super-deep personal, but I like people to look at my work and kind of evoke their own emotions.”

Hermanson received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013. She works predominantly with intaglio printmaking as drawing in ink and graphite.

“Her work is not only technically superb, but it is fascinating subject matter,” said VC art instructor Cathleen Gordon. “There are just so many details that you can stand in front of her work and enjoy it for a long time.”

“I use minimal color because I am really drawn to the traditional, black-and-white print making,” Hermanson said. “If I do use color, it’s real subtle to highlight certain things.”

VC’s Fine Arts Building faces Red River Street between the main entrance and entrance 6. The gallery is on the opposite side of the building from Red River Street, facing the Student Center.

For more information, contact Gordon at (361) 573-3239 or

Liz Hermanson’s “Little Creeper” is among her works displayed through March 3 at Victoria College’s Fine Arts Building gallery.
Published: Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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