VC student wonít let any obstacles get in his way
VC student wonít let any obstacles get in his way
Victoria College Mathematics Associate Professor Melanie Yosko and student Adolfo Aguilar work on a calculus problem after class.

Victoria College’s Melanie Yosko knew something wasn’t right when student Adolfo Aguilar arrived late to her calculus class one day last fall.

“Even though he has to drive 50 miles to VC, it was completely out of character for Adolfo,” Yosko said.

Yosko later learned that Aguilar had a good excuse. Midway during his commute to VC from the Matagorda County community of Blessing, Aguilar’s vehicle struck a deer. With his automobile disabled from the collision, Aguilar called his father to pick him up and transport him the rest of the way to VC.

“I don’t really like to miss class,” Aguilar said. “I thought about not coming in, but we had a test that day and I was really ready for it.”

Aguilar arrived 40 minutes late but still managed to finish the exam in time and make a high grade.

“Many other students would have made excuses or just not showed up, but not Adolfo,” Yosko said. “Only when I asked him why he was late did he reveal anything to me about the accident.”

It was just one of many obstacles Aguilar has overcome to become a Dean’s List student at VC. Aguilar and his family moved from Mexico to Blessing just over two years ago. He knew very little English, but his parents still encouraged him to continue his education and pursue his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

“My parents always told me that I was a good student, and they always wanted me to go to college and get a good education,” Aguilar said. “They want me to be somebody in life. I was very excited about going to college and heard some good information about Victoria College.”

The language barrier was Aguilar’s toughest challenge. He said VC’s KEY Center helped him overcome any inhibitions about his partial command of the English language.

“I didn’t speak English very well, and I’m still learning,” Aguilar said. “My first and second semesters were the hardest. But right now, I feel more confident in my English.”

Aguilar, a first-generation college student, now serves as a math tutor at VC’s Tutoring Center and plans to transfer to Texas A&M-Kingsville when he has completed his core studies at VC. He said the 100-mile roundtrip commute each day is worth the education he is receiving at Victoria College.

“It’s very tiring driving that far each day,” Aguilar said. “But it will really pay off because a really good education doesn’t come easy.”

Yosko said she is inspired by Aguilar’s motivation and desire to get a college education.

“Adolfo is so appreciative of the opportunity to go to college,” Yosko said. “English is his second language, but he doesn’t let that affect his work. He is very dedicated and never quits.”

“I’m really proud because I have worked hard in everything that I do,” Aguilar said. “Mrs. Yosko and other teachers here have inspired me to do my best.”

VC student wonít let any obstacles get in his way
Adolfo Aguilar drives 100 miles roundtrip each day from his Matagorda County home to attend classes at Victoria College. Despite English being his second language, Aguilar was named to VCís Deanís List for the Fall 2016 semester.
Published: Wednesday, 05 April 2017

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