The Biggest Loser
The Biggest Loser is a weight loss competition that VC-ADN-SNA is opening up campus wide. The weigh in will be Monday, 9/8/14 at 10AM-12PM & 2PM-4PM another weigh in will be Tuesday, 9/9/14 from 1PM-3PM. Participation Cost is only five ($5) dollars and final weights will be taken at the Student Center on Monday, 12/8/14 at 10AM-12PM & 2PM-4PM.
1st Place = $100, 2nd Place = $50 and 3rd Place = $25.

Universal Rules
1. Everyone has to weigh in/out on the same scale. This keeps things consistent (and honest).

2. Based on percent of body weight loss. The calculation is take your actual weight and subtract it form your initial weight. Then divide that number by your initial weight. Take that number and multiply it by 100 and you get your weight loss percentage.

((IW-AW)/IW) * 100= weight loss percentage

So if I start at 211, and I lose 5 lbs. and end up at 206.
That’s 211-206 (5 lbs.)
Take 5 lbs. and divide it by my starting weight (211). 5/211 = .023697
Multiply that by 100 and you get 2.37%
If You Go:
When: From Monday, September 08 2014
To Tuesday, September 09 2014
Every day
Where: VC Student Center

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