KEY Center Enrichment Events

KEY Center Enrichment Events

KEY Center Enrichment Events are provided to members to build critical thinking skills, expand student knowledge, and explore academic options.  The following Enrichment Event options will be offered every semester.


College Tours

Experiencing a larger campus environment firsthand is often the best way to learn about a college/university.  At various times during the academic year, the KEY Center will invite interested members to tour the campus of a 4-year Texas University.  Field trips may take place over one day or multiple days, depending on distance from Victoria College.


Food for Thought

Keeping our minds limber prepares us for a more effective learning experience. With this in mind, at various times during the academic year, KEY Center members will be invited to participate in topical lunch-hour group sessions.  These sessions will focus on developing critical thinking skills through lecture, discussion, and exercises. Lunch will be provided for participants.


Time out Tuesdays

Each Tuesday during Fall and Spring semesters, group counseling is available with counselor Magali Silva. Members are welcome to join sessions that focus on reducing stress. Members talk, share, and encourage each other, all facilitated by Magali. Lunch will be provided for participants.


Online Events and Forms 

Online Enrichment Events
Online Event Quizzes
pdf Fighting Procrastination *
Procrastination Quiz
pdf Note Taking & Finding Main Idea *

Note-Taking Quiz

pdf Making the Most of Study Groups Study Groups Quiz
pdf Increasing Your Reading Comprehension *
Reading Comprehension Quiz
pdf Choosing the Right Major for You Right Major Quiz
pdf Research Papers Made Easy Research Papers Quiz
pdf Healthy Meals on a Budget Healthy Meals Quiz
pdf Interviews Interviews Quiz
pdf What is Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Quiz
pdf Time Management Time Management Quiz


* Indicates LASSI Modules


Online Transfer Event
Online Transfer Activity
pdf Transfer 101

pdf  Transfer 101 Checklist

Learning Summary Form
pdf Learning Summary Form  
Tutoring Log
pdf Tutoring Log  

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