GenTX-Victoria offering streamlined scholarship application process

GenTX-Victoria partners have teamed with local organizations to simplify the scholarship application process for donors as well as students.

Organizations can now complete a one-page GenTX Scholarship Posting Form online. The information received on the form will be used to create a GenTX Scholarship Cover Page that will highlight specific scholarship details and requirements. The form can be accessed at

“Due to the generosity of many different organizations, students throughout the Crossroads are fortunate to have numerous scholarship opportunities,” said Kimberly Motley, VISD counseling coordinator and co-chair of the GenTX-Victoria Steering Committee. “We hope our efforts to simplify the scholarship application process for students and donors will lead to more applicants, and ultimately, more high school students finding their way to pay for college.”

The new process will allow students to use one application to apply for different scholarships offered by local organizations. The easy-to-complete, one-page GenTX Scholarship Application can be accessed on the Generation TX – Victoria Facebook page as well as the Career & College Center websites for Victoria East and West high schools.

“In the fall, we brought organizations that award local scholarships together to seek their feedback on how to simplify the process for them and the students,” said Darin Kazmir, Victoria College’s director of marketing & communications and GenTX-Victoria co-chair. “Representatives from 15 organizations offered recommendations on how to streamline the process. The new scholarship posting form, cover page, application and applicant evaluation are a result of their feedback.”

The new GenTX Scholarship Applicant Evaluation can be used as an alternative to letters of recommendation. The applicant evaluation can be also be accessed at

“Organizations using the applicant evaluation can require that the evaluation be completed by nonfamily members – such as teachers, youth leaders or employers – who have direct knowledge of the applicant's skills, abilities, and college and career plans,” Kazmir said.

“As the scholarship chair and committee member for several community organizations, I am excited that this new process, will make it easier to inform students and parents about what scholarships are available,” said Debra Williams of Women in Partnership for Progress. “It will also streamline the process for students to apply and submit the applications on time.”

GenTX-Victoria partners will host “Way to Pay Day” from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 22 at the University of Houston-Victoria. High school students in Victoria and surrounding counties will receive one-on-one assistance with scholarships, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the ApplyTexas college application.

Organizations that award scholarships to local students are invited to have a booth at the event to promote their scholarships and answer questions from students and parents. Volunteers are also needed to help review scholarship applications and give feedback to students.

GenTX-Victoria is in its sixth year as part of the statewide Generation TX movement and continues to expand community-wide efforts to support students as they prepare for life after high school.

Generation TX, launched in October 2010, is a project of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with initial funding provided through a federal College Access Challenge Grant.

For more information, contact Motley at (361) 788-2891, ext. 41114, or