Families can gain financial information at ‘MoneyLIVE 2018’

moneylive MoneyLIVE will give high school and college students an opportunity to learn how to get ahead in life financially.

MoneyLIVE 2018 will offer a day of financial education for the entire family on Saturday, Feb. 24 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at Victoria College’s Emerging Technology Complex.

The free event will provide real-life simulations and hands-on presentations that will teach families how to manage their money and realize the impacts of their financial decisions.

Returning to Victoria for its third year, MoneyLIVE gives high school and college students an opportunity to learn how to get ahead in life financially. Participants will be assigned a career and then build a monthly budget based on the income for that career. They will then be given an identity and be allowed to visit merchants – tables staffed by local volunteers – to purchase cars, homes, phones, food and clothing, while being tempted to purchase things they may not need such as big-screen TVs, vacations, etc.

“This year, we’re encouraging families to attend the event together,” said Darin Kazmir, VC’s director of marketing and communications. “Parents and adult learners can attend a presentation by Wells Fargo to hear tips on how to get ahead in life financially while their children in first grade or higher attend age-appropriate activities to help them grasp the importance of financial stability.”

In addition to the MoneyLIVE simulation, sessions to be included in the event are:

  • MoolahLive, which will offer a real-life simulation similar to MoneyLive, but geared for students in grades 5-8;
  • Hands-on Banking, which will help children in grades 1-4 learn about needs versus wants;
  • and Financial Health 101, which will be presented to adult learners and parents by Wells Fargo.

MoneyLIVE 2018 is hosted by Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit financial literacy organization, Wells Fargo Bank and Victoria College. The event is funded in part by VC’s Adult Education Program.

Registration can be done at Volunteers can also register at to serve as merchants for the MoneyLIVE and MoolahLIVE sessions.

VC’s Emerging Technology Complex is located at 7403 Lone Tree Road in Victoria.