Victoria College SAIL graduates honored at April 27 ceremony

IMG_5149 Brenda Luna gets a hug during Victoria College’s SAIL Graduation Ceremony on April 27 at VC’s Student Center.

Thirteen female students of Victoria College’s Students Accelerating through Integrated Learning (SAIL) Adult Education Program received their certificates of achievement during a graduation ceremony on April 27 at VC’s Student Center.

SAIL training allows students to improve their basic education skills while at the same time being enrolled in workforce training classes at Victoria College. Students who complete the training with a certification simultaneously work to obtain their GED.

“I just want to tell y’all that anything is possible,” said graduate Bri Taylor. “I can’t even really express what I am feeling right now. We’ve all been together in this, and we’ve all had people tell us what we aren’t able to do. The SAIL Program is the most amazing thing because we were able to accomplish so much. I have never had this much strength and faith that I have right now.”

Completing phlebotomy training were Taylor, April Cisneros, Ricki Llamas, Jacqueline Martinez and Hannah Trevino. Completing medical assisting training were Mary Estrada, Sasha Ramos, Georgia Rhoder and Priscilla Salinas. Completing nurse aide training were Megan Chacon, Brenda Luna, Celeste Martinez and Erica Moreno.

“Eight months ago, these ladies came into our classroom, and nobody wanted to say anything,” said SAIL Career Navigator Donna Parr. “They told me they couldn’t talk, they couldn’t get up in front of everybody and say anything. I watched every one of them go from the shy people they were on that first day to blossoming and getting stronger together. Now, none of them will tell me they can’t do anything. They have come to know that they can.”

For information on Victoria College’s SAIL Adult Education Program, call (361) 573-7323 or email