VC student learns art of improvisation in ceramics class

Parker Janssen Victoria College art student Parker Janssen poses by two pieces of her “Chained Community” art exhibit at VC’s Fine Arts Gallery.

Parker Janssen can now let everyone in on a little secret.

Janssen’s favorite ceramics art piece was supposed to have two antlers. But when one fell off during the firing process, Janssen had to improvise.

“One snapped off and that’s why she now has flowers there,” said Janssen, a first-year art student at Victoria College. “That’s the funny thing about ceramics. Sometimes when mistakes happen, you get a better piece from it.”

The piece is part of Janssen’s “Chained Community” exhibit that will be on display through Dec. 6 in the Victoria College Fall Student Art Exhibition at VC’s Fine Arts Gallery.

Janssen, 24, had never taken a ceramics art class until this fall.

“I really enjoyed it,” Janssen said. “I was very nervous at first. I thought I was in over my head, because I saw everything that people had created. But once I got started, I realized I could do it, too, once I sat down and took time to create the things.”

Janssen, a Yoakum High School graduate, said she was nervous when it was time for her to remove her art piece from the kiln at VC’s Main Campus.

“It’s like opening a Christmas present,” Janssen said. “I came on a Monday morning before my first class at 8 a.m. to open the kiln up because I couldn’t wait. I had to see her.”

Janssen is now planning on taking another art class in the spring.

“I’m thinking about becoming an art major,” Janssen said. “I would like to teach art. After taking the ceramics class, I have found something I really enjoy.”

Victoria College offers a variety of art classes that can accumulate college credits, including Art Appreciation, History of Art I and II, Design I, Drawing I and II, and Ceramics I.

For more information about Victoria College’s art classes, call (361) 582-2530.