Entrepreneurship a family affair with Housworth brothers

Housworths2 Casey, Cory and Craig Housworth used Victoria College as their foundation to become successful local businessmen.

Businessmen and brothers Cory, Casey and Craig Housworth can trace back to the roots of their entrepreneurial spirit to a day when they caught their mother about to throw out some vintage gaming magazines.

“I guess we were in high school or just started college, and Mom was cleaning up our room,” Casey recalled. “She found some old Nintendo magazines, and we decided to put them on eBay. As it turned out, one magazine fetched quite a bit of money. That’s how it all got started.”

Now, the three Port Lavaca natives, who each attended Victoria College for two years, run their own businesses in Victoria. Craig and Casey, who are twins, have two UPS Stores in Victoria. Casey also owns a local Budget Blinds franchise. Cory, the oldest of the three, owns and runs Rapid Printing & Designs in Victoria with his brothers.

“We always wanted to open our own businesses,” Casey said. “That’s what we always saw ourselves doing.”

Cory attended Victoria College in 1987-88 before transferring to Texas A&M where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries sciences.

“Victoria College laid the foundation for what it took for me to succeed in life,” said Cory, who works at INEOS as a lab analyst and spends his days off running Rapid Printing & Design, a large format and T-shirt printing company, with his brothers. “You had to learn to study hard and apply yourself and focus on what you wanted to obtain.”

Casey and Craig followed their brother’s footsteps to Victoria College in 1993.

“We saw how Victoria College really helped prepare Cory for Texas A&M, so it was kind of a no-brainer that we were going there, too,” Craig said.

“Victoria College provided a smooth transition from high school,” Casey said. “It gave us a little more structure. It was a small campus, so you didn’t feel overwhelmed. Plus, a lot of the people we knew in high school were at VC. So you kind of had that comfort zone.

“Another great thing about going to Victoria College was its affordability. My family had three of us going to college. Money was tight. We were able to go to four-year universities because of the money we saved by going to VC.”

Casey and Craig were able to take their entrepreneurial dreams to the next level at Victoria College.

“The classes I took at VC taught me how to start a business,” said Casey, who went on to obtain a business degree at Texas A&M University along with Craig. “I gained a lot of confidence. I enjoyed the economics classes, and they gave me so much insight into the financial side of business.”

“The professors at VC were really challenging,” Craig said. “They pushed us to our limits, and we were able to accomplish more than what we thought we were capable of.”

The Housworth twins opened their first UPS Store in 2005. Just four years ago, Cory decided to join his younger brothers in the business world.

“Casey and Craig inspired me, and I kind of envied them for a long time,” Cory said. “It’s great being your own boss, although it’s not easy. There are struggles and challenges, and it can be pretty stressful. But we help each other and work together.”

Victoria College has continued to serve the Housworths. They said they find VC students to be dependable employees.

“When we hire, we always look to see if they have college experience,” Craig said. “If someone is going or has gone to Victoria College, we’ll take a closer look at them. We know they are skilled and disciplined to be an asset to our business.”

As businessmen, the Housworths see the impact that Victoria College makes in the local workforce.

“Victoria College gives people an opportunity to stay close to home, get a great education, and see exactly what they want to do with their lives,” Cory said. “There are a lot of great things happening at Victoria College. I see VC continually growing and helping to expand the workforce in our community as more industries move into our area.”