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In a report from the National Leadership Council for Liberal Education and America’s Promise, (2007) it was noted that college students are wholly underperforming in critical thinking and reasoning.  Business leaders mirror that concern when they list critical thinking as one of the top applied skills (defined as using basic knowledge acquired in school to perform in the workplace) necessary for conducting business, yet find that only 3.7% of community college graduates can demonstrate it at an “excellent” level and 22.8% are considered “deficient”  (The Conference Board, 2006).

“Employers are calling with new urgency for graduates who are broadly prepared and who also possess the analytical and practical skills that are essential both for innovation and for organizational effectiveness… curriculum needs to help students develop . . . leadership, teamwork, problem solving, time management, communication and analytical thinking.” (National Leadership Council for Liberal Education and America’s Promise, 2007, p. 16)

Critical thinking at Victoria College is a student’s ability to apply both qualitative and quantitative skills analytically and creatively to subject matter to evaluate arguments and to construct alternative strategies.

Victoria College conducted the ETS Proficiency Profile on campus.  Results indicated that:

Level of Proficiency  Spring/Fall 2012   Spring 2014 



 Marginally Proficient



 Not Proficient



OPERATION: SEAL the DEAL will focus on improving this skill with learner-centered approaches that engage students through active learning. Check back to watch our progress.


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