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Only for the few...the proud...the VC faculty.  This selective program is designed as an intensive professional development program to assist faculty fully implement active learning strategies in their courses through a course transformation process.

SEAL Academy is a multi-faceted program with a small cohort of faculty that collaborate and provide a forum for authentic conversation that is encouraging and challenging. This year-long program consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1
    Beginning in the spring semester, selected faculty members form a community of practice in small groups facilitated by a specialist at CAPE. Meeting weekly for one hour, these faculty members work through a student-centered curriculum that discusses and models best practices of active learning while reflecting on their teaching styles and course content. SEAL Team members are encouraged to experiment and share, all the while working collaboratively to promote student-centered teaching. Participating faculty receive a one hour release.
  • Phase 2
    After this semester of focused study and conversation, SEAL Team members work individually and with CAPE specialists during the summer to transform their courses using active learning strategies. Course syllabi will be modified, activities developed, and assessments designed. Participants are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours to complete this phase.
  • Phase 3
    Beginning an academic year with a transformed course and support from a cohort of peers, SEAL Team members will teach their SEAL Courses. Team meetings will punctuate the semester to allow for collaboration. Peer reviews and assessment will also provide feedback and data for the process. Participating faculty will receive a one hour release.

The entire experience will culminate in a comprehensive peer review of the transformed course, including a reflective summary. This review and summary concludes the Academy and earns participants a SEAL Instructor designation in the course schedule as well as a stipend.

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SEAL Team 1

The SEAL Academy was piloted by the faculty involved with the development and implementation of the QEP. SEAL Team 1 kicked off in January 2014 and completed Phase 3 in December of that year.

SEAL Team 1
SEAL Team Pilot: (seated) Brian Hutcheson, Debbie Pena, Tempi McLeod, and Sharon Hyak; (standing) Dan Murphy, Lisa DeVries, Bobby Cubriel, Marty Stockbaurer, Jeremy Gould, and Jeff Mendenhall


Read about Marty Stockbaurer's experience with active learning.

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SEAL Teams 2 & 3 

SEAL Teams 2 & 3 completed a revised Phase 1 (based on feedback from Team 1 through a collaborative process) in April 2015. Phase 2 was complete in mid August 2015.  Phase 3 started in Fall semester 2015.

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SEAL Team 4 

SEAL Team 4 began Phase 1 in January 2016 with a focus on Distance Education. Phase 2 is scheduled for completion in mid August 2016. Phase 3 will start in Fall semester 2016.

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SEAL Team 5

Applications will soon be accepted for SEAL Team 5. Application and information are coming soon. 

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