Sexual Assault

Victoria College is committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. If you should become the victim of a sexual assault:

Report the Assault
It is your decision whether to report a sexual assault to law enforcement; however, consider that your report may prevent additional assaults on others. If you plan to file a police report, do so promptly and do not clean up the area or alter it in any way prior to police arrival. All information and reports of a sexual assault can be kept confidential to the extent allowed by law. In accordance with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 57, victims may use a pseudonym to protect their identity. A pseudonym is a set of initials or fictitious name chosen by the victim, which will be used in all public files and records concerning the assault.

Get Medical Care
As soon as possible after the assault, DO get medical care from a hospital emergency room or your primary physician. DO NOT shower, douche or change clothes prior to your medical examination, as doing so could destroy or contaminate valuable evidence, making it not legally acceptable if collected at a later time. If you have already removed clothing worn at the time of the assault, place all items in a plastic bag and take them with you to the hospital. An examination by a specially trained sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) will usually be performed. The SANE will attempt to collect information for the documentation of evidence should the case be prosecuted. The examination may also include testing and treatment to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Citizens Medical Center
2701 Hospital Drive
Victoria, Texas 77901
(361) 573-9181

DeTar Hospital Navarro
506 E. San Antonio Street
Victoria, Texas 77901
(361) 575-7441

Seek Counseling

HOPE of South Texas Sexual Assault Crisis Center
314 E.Rio Grande Street
Victoria, TX 77901
24-Hour Hotline at (361) 573-3600 or (800) 365-7345.

  • Consult with a friend or confidant who can offer support
  • Call 911 for police and EMS assistance

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