VC was sound investment for Prosperity Bank executive

Zacek John Zacek

John Zacek is an Aggie through and through. But the South Texas Area Chairman for Prosperity Bank also has a special place in his heart for another shade of maroon.

“Victoria College got me out of the starting blocks and pointed me in the right direction,” said Zacek, who graduated from Industrial High School in 1978 and took some prerequisite courses at VC before transferring to Texas A&M University in College Station.

“When I took my basics here at Victoria College, it allowed me to graduate on time. I am the youngest of seven children, with several of my siblings also attending Victoria College. Also, my wife and my daughter both attended Victoria College.”

Zacek serves on Victoria College’s board of trustees and is a member of the board of directors for the VC Foundation. He said his appreciation for Victoria College has grown as he has seen the impact VC has made on the Crossroads region.

“The community college concept is something that is really near and dear to me,” Zacek said. “It’s not necessarily just about the student who needs the four-year degree. It’s also about educating our area’s workforce.”

Zacek said community colleges are a sound investment and offer outstanding returns to their communities.

“The taxpayer support is going right back into educating our workforce,” Zacek said. “The investment stays here and helps bring businesses to our area.”

Zacek helped create scholarships at Victoria College that annually offer $3,500 to four VC students transferring to Texas A&M University in College Station or The University of Texas at Austin.

“I know Victoria College has always been on Texas A&M’s radar,” said Zacek, who has also served on the Texas A&M University Association of Former Students board of directors and as president of the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture Development Council. “VC is seen as one of the top community colleges as far as sending qualified students to four-year universities.”

Zacek said the VC Foundation, which has provided more than $775,000 in scholarships during the 2017-18 school year, doesn’t want finances to be a roadblock for any student.

“There is not an opportunity out there that Victoria College cannot provide for students,” Zacek said. “We can find ways to assist students in their efforts to gain workforce training or eventually attend a four-year university. The VC Foundation was created with that purpose in mind. We are all about not letting anything stand in the way of getting students an education that they can put to good use.”