Longtime physician appreciates VC’s vital role in local healthcare

Bauknight Dr. Bruce Bauknight attended Victoria College during the Summer of 1962.

There was never a doubt in Bruce Bauknight’s mind about what profession he would pursue.

“My father was a doctor in Ganado from 1931 to 1981, and I used to carry his black bag to his house calls,” Bauknight said. “So I never thought about being anything else but a physician.”

Bauknight attended Texas A&M University in College Station for one year before transferring to Texas Lutheran University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1964.

But one class Bauknight took at Victoria College during the Summer of 1962 may have helped him determine which direction he would take in his medical career.

“I needed to take a government class to get my degree, so I decided to go home for the summer and take the class at Victoria College,” Bauknight said. “While I was home that summer, I worked part time in the medical lab at the Jackson County Hospital in Ganado. During that time, I became interested in hematology and oncology.”

Bauknight graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1968. He interned at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin for a year before returning to UTMB, where he completed a three-year internal medicine residency with additional training in hematology and oncology.

In 1972, Bauknight moved to Victoria, where he began his career in internal medicine.

“I practiced here for 38 years,” Bauknight said. “I still do some teaching with the new resident programs for the DeTar Healthcare System.”

Since arriving to Victoria, Bauknight learned the vital role Victoria College plays in producing local healthcare professionals.

“Victoria College has changed the medical community here over the last 40 years,” Bauknight said. “We can count on Victoria College to produce qualified nurses, physical therapist assistants, respiratory therapists, and other medical professionals.”

Bauknight, who also served as the medical director of the DeTar Healthcare System, is a past president of the Victoria College Foundation and is currently a member of its board of directors.

From his own experience, Bauknight knows that even one class can have an impact on a student and is committed to assisting VC’s efforts to remain a top institution of education and training in the region.

“A community college is something that belongs to the community,” said Bauknight, who has two children who attended Victoria College. “The learning opportunities offered by Victoria College are unbelievable. VC offers the education and training that comes back to serve our community.”

by Coy Slavik, Communications Specialist, Victoria College