VC community outreach specialist relates to students overcoming obstacles

Monica Hysquierdo has been Victoria College’s community outreach specialist since March. Her job allows her to go into the community and share information to prospective students about Victoria College’s education and training offerings.

As Victoria College’s community outreach specialist, Monica Hysquierdo has the opportunity to connect with prospective students and promote VC’s numerous education and training offerings to a seven-county service area.

“I get to meet with individuals to explore career pathway as well as discuss barriers that may prevent them from continuing their education and help them through the process,” said Hysquierdo, who has worked in the role since March. “Through pathway exploration, I am able to meet the community where they are to highlight the benefits of education in efforts to improve lives and strengthen communities.”

Hysquierdo feels her position allows her to provide a supportive nudge for people who are tentative about attending college by informing them of the available pathways and financial supports available at Victoria College.

“I have full confidence that anyone who takes that first step by having a conversation with me will ultimately find their path,” Hysquierdo said.

Hysquierdo can especially relate to prospective students who would be classified as first-generation college students – those whose parents or legal guardians did not attend college.

“When I look at what I have overcome and the education I have received, I know I have made my younger self proud,” said Hysquierdo, who graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration management. “This realization is what fuels me because I see many people daily who do not know that they have these same opportunities. One of my greatest goals in life is to give back by helping others in their own journey.”

While attending Victoria West High School, Hysquierdo became aware of Victoria ISD’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program that helps students from low-income families and with learning disabilities develop skills to be successful in college.

“Growing up, the topic of college was never really discussed in my family,” Hysquierdo said. “Participating in AVID helped me to realize that college truly is for everyone, and the obstacles I faced were not something that would stop me from pursuing higher education.”

Prospective students can get information on Victoria College’s education and training opportunities and financial support services by contacting Hysquierdo at (361) 573-3240 or at