VC, DMC partnership gives students opportunity to complete Medical Laboratory Technology Program without leaving area

Victoria College (VC) and Del Mar College (DMC) have entered into a partnership giving Victoria-area students the opportunity to complete DMC’s Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program without leaving the Crossroads.

The partnership developed after local healthcare facilities approached Victoria College about their need to hire trained medical lab technicians.

“While Victoria College has not had a Medical Laboratory Technology Program in 10 years, we are responsible for finding a solution that provides the trained workforce needed in the region,” said Dr. Jennifer Kent, VC President. “The MLT partnership with Del Mar College does just that, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Students are able to complete their prerequisites and core electives at Victoria College and then transfer to Del Mar College’s Department of Allied Health to complete their MLT classes. Their lab requirements will be met through virtual simulations, and they will complete clinical rotations at healthcare facilities in the Victoria area. Students will also have access to support services, student life, computer labs, libraries, and campus dining at both institutions.

DMC considered offering the MLT Program online to help students commuting from the Victoria area, and when colleges nationwide began offering remote instruction in response to COVID, it was the perfect time to begin offering virtual simulations.

“Del Mar College is excited to be able to partner with Victoria College to meet the needs of their local healthcare facilities, students, and community,” said Jennifer Sramek, DMC’s Dean of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Health Sciences. “We were proud to see the first graduate from Victoria complete the Medical Laboratory Technology Program in May 2022, and we now have an additional nine students from Victoria currently working to complete program requirements.”

The program has appealed to phlebotomists, many who received their training at Victoria College and are now working in local healthcare facilities. Earning an associate degree in medical lab technology is a natural next step for phlebotomists who want to apply their skills and increase their earning potential while continuing along the same career pathway.

Dr. Mark Escamilla, DMC President and Chief Executive Officer, said the partnership demonstrates how community colleges can collaborate to share services in order to meet community needs, a key recommendation being considered by the Texas Commission on Community College Finance.

“Del Mar College’s partnership with Victoria College demonstrates how the state’s community colleges can collaborate to address specific workforce needs in their regions, and in this case, targeting the need for medical laboratory technicians in the Victoria area,” says Dr. Escamilla. “Pulling our educational resources together builds on the goal both colleges share to ensure South Texas communities have the workforce that’s crucial to their residents’ healthcare. Del Mar College is delighted to provide Victoria College students the opportunity to train as medical laboratory technicians to meet this need.”

For more information on the MLT partnership, call (361) 573-3291 or visit Victoria College’s Main Campus to meet with the Health Careers Advisor.