Testing Center

The Testing Center provides academic skills assessments and the opportunity to test for online courses. We also administer selected licensure and/or certification examinations. Special testing accommodations are available for students who meet eligibility criteria. We are located in the Continuing Education Center, second floor, Room 201.

Victoria College Gonzales Center offers day, night, and online classes as well as financial aid assistance.

 Available Options

ACT Test Information   SAT Test Information
ATI TEAS TCFP Certification
 CLEP  TCOLE Testing
Correspondence Exams
Testing for Online Courses
Departmental Exams
TSI Assessment
DSST Credit By Exam
TExES Certification
 GED Test Information   VCT Testing

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Note: The ACT, SAT, and Department Placement Exams are not registered through the Testing Center. Please click on the exam for more information.

For instructors:

Please be sure to notify the Testing Centers early each semester of your intent to use any provided services.

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