VC Pathways

Navigating college can be confusing; choosing a major, applying for financial aid, degree planning, course selection … You must make lasting important decisions 

Luckily, you don’t have to take these steps alone, or make these choices without support. Your Academic Advisor is equipped to help with Guided Pathways.  

The VC’s Guided Pathway provides clear and coherent integration of academics and all supports throughout the educational experience, beginning with engagement in K-12 and continuing to guide students on their journey to higher thinking, employment, and transfer.   

High School Endorsement VC Meta-Major 
 Public Service Public Service 
Public Service  Health Careers 
Science, Engineering, & Math Kinesiology & SEM  
Business, Industry, & STEM   Business & Technology
Business & Industry  Industrial Trades  
 Arts, Humanities, & Multidisciplinary Studies Arts, Humanities, & 
Social Sciences 
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