Locally Articulated Credit

Students who took selected technical courses at certain area high schools will have their credit held in escrow at Victoria College for 24 months after the date of the students' high school graduation. The students will receive their college credit from Victoria College when they complete the following steps:

  1. The student must have an 80 (3.0) final average or better in the high school course for which credit is requested
  2. The student must have an official high school transcript forwarded to Victoria College.
  3. The student must successfully complete six hours of credit at Victoria College.
  4. Upon successful completion of the above requirements, students must fill out a Petition for Award of Locally Articulated Credit and return it to the Admissions and Records office in order to have the appropriate courses posted to their academic transcript.

Current Listing of Locally Articulated Classes by High School

  • Bloomington High School

  • Calhoun High School

  • Cuero High School

  • Edna High School

  • Hallettsville High School

  • Liberty Academy

  • Moulton High School

  • St. Joseph High School

  • Victoria East High School

  • Victoria West High School

  • Yoakum High School

  • Yorktown High School