Museum unveils new exhibit exploring prehistoric mysteries

Victoria College’s Museum of the Coastal Bend will unveil its newest exhibit, “Theories in Stone,” on Saturday, April 6 from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., offering a glimpse into the challenges and intrigue of prehistoric archaeology.

Theories in Stone examines prehistoric artifacts from the museum’s collection whose purposes remain unknown.

“Without written records, archaeologists rely on the objects themselves to piece together their history,” said Exhibits & Collections Manager Dr. Heather Para. “This exhibit explores these captivating puzzles, showcasing the tools, ornaments and other items that continue to spark debate and inspire new interpretations.”

The public opening and activities will feature a tour of the new exhibit led by Para. Admission to the museum is pay-what-you-want.

For more event information, call (361) 572-6484 or visit