VC recognized for advancing student success through “Caring Campus” initiative

Caring Campus Committee Dr.Kent, President of VC, showcases a plaque from the Institute for Evidence-Based Change along with current and past members of VC’s Caring Campus Executive Committee (l-r): Kevin Madrid, Terri Kurtz, Sonia Herrera, Alisha Stearman, and Randy Marek.

Victoria College was recently recognized by the nonprofit Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) for its dedication to student success by improving students’ sense of connectedness through the Caring Campus initiative.

VC is one five Texas colleges selected to begin implementing the Caring Campus program last fall through a grant awarded to IEBC by the Greater Texas Foundation.

With the support of IEBC coaching and guidance, VC established a Caring Campus Executive Committee and a larger working group that discussed ways to better connect with students – especially those who are less familiar with college – and support their educational goals.

Following the group’s work, VC employees have begun to implement five behavioral commitments: wearing name tags; becoming more familiar with the roles of other departments; greeting individuals who come within a 10-foot radius; offering friendly referrals to other departments when needed; and expanding efforts to welcome students at the start of each semester.

“Our students consistently express a strong sense of belonging and support at Victoria College, and we take great pride in providing exceptional customer service,” said Dr. Jennifer Kent, VC President. “We’re delighted to be recognized as a Caring Campus, as our active involvement in this initiative will further strengthen our connection with students, ultimately contributing to their success.”