Tutoring Center

Victoria College offers free tutoring services to all VC students. The Tutoring Center offers a variety methods to get connected to a tutor in both a virtual and face-to-face environment. Choose which one is best for you!

  • Sum I 2022 center schedule F2F: Come by any of the three locations on campus for hands-on help in a small group setting. Great for asking a few questions about homework. Alternatively, click the names of tutors within their time of availability to virtually drop into any of our tutors WebEx rooms to receive active help. 
  • Appointment Face-to-Face: Make an appointment through Navigate to reserve time with a tutor face-to-face. Best for one-on-one support on difficult subjects. 
  • Appointment Virtual: Make an appointment through Navigate to reserve a time with a tutor through WebEx. Best for one-on-one support on difficult subjects. 
  • Online Submission: Submit an Online Tutoring Request Form. This form will be answered within 24-48 business hours with suggestions from a tutor. This method is best for essay and written assignment reviews. 

2022 Nursing Virtual Tutoring Schedule

Summer 2022 Gonzales Schedule

Tutoring Session Guidelines (Students)

College Reading and Learning Association

College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is an international group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, and tutorial services at the college/adult level. Victoria College is now CRLA Certified at both Level I and Level II, meaning tutors can progress in a program designed to enhance their skills. Come see the difference these trained tutors can make in your academic career.


Disclosure Waiver: VC faculty, staff and employees are concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. If, during a conversation with a VC faculty member, staff member, or tutor, you share information that leads us to be concerned about your safety, the safety of others, or your well-being, we may need to seek the help of the VC CARE team and/or other appropriate entities.