Tutoring Center

Victoria College offers free tutoring services to all VC students. The Tutoring Center offers a variety methods to get connected to a tutor in both a virtual and face-to-face environment. Choose which one is best for you!

  • Spring 2023 Tutoring Schedule     
    • Face-to-Face - Come by any of the three locations on campus for hands-on help in a small group setting for help with homework, study strategies, and more across disciplines.
    • Drop-in WebEx - Alternatively, click the names of tutors within their time of availability to virtually drop into any of our tutors WebEx rooms to receive active help. 
  • Appointment - Navigate Make an appointment through Navigate to reserve time with a tutor face-to-face or virtually. Face-to-face method is best for one-on-one support on difficult subjects, while virtual is best for students that cannot come to campus in person.   
  • Online Submission: Submit an Online Tutoring Request Form. This form will be answered within 24-48 business hours with suggestions from a tutor. This method is best for essay and written assignment reviews. 

Spring 2023 Nursing Virtual Schedule

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College Reading and Learning Association

College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) is an international group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, and tutorial services at the college/adult level. Victoria College is now CRLA Certified at both Level I and Level II, meaning tutors can progress in a program designed to enhance their skills. Come see the difference these trained tutors can make in your academic career.


Disclosure Waiver: VC faculty, staff and employees are concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. If, during a conversation with a VC faculty member, staff member, or tutor, you share information that leads us to be concerned about your safety, the safety of others, or your well-being, we may need to seek the help of the VC CARE team and/or other appropriate entities.